Three Vestments for Good Friday

Yesterday we took a look at three chasubles destined for use on Maundy Thursday -- white chasubles that included various symbols of the Passion. Today we will continue on with this meditation, this time turning our attention to some vestments particularly apropos to Good Friday.  Before we do that, however, it is worth noting that the traditional liturgical colour utilized on this day is black (whereas in the post-conciliar liturgical form it is red). This must be understood in order to understand the historical context from which these come.

That bit of context aside, our first example comes from Lithuania circa 1909 and includes a beautifully embroidered crucifixion scene surrounded by vine and leafwork.  On the front of the chasuble is, once again, the same sorts of symbols associated with the Passion that we saw on yesterday's Holy Thursday vestments. It is this combination that makes this chasuble especially pertinent to Good Friday liturgical use.

The chalice veil for the set includes the Veil of Veronica.
The second example for your consideration comes from Italy circa 1936 and also includes a crucifixion scene, this time along with the rest of that scene including figures of the Blessed Virgin, St. John and St. Mary Magdalene. You will also note that the black fabric has been ornamented in such a way as to suggest the darkness recounted in the gospels and also rays of light breaking through the darkness. As is typically the case with these chasubles that depicted entire scenes, there are no orphreys so as to not interrupt the imagery.

Regrettably I do not have an image of the front of the chasuble. I do, however, have one of the cope that goes with this set. The hood continues the Good Friday theme showing Christ mocked, scourged, bound and crowned in thorns. Behind the main figure of Christ we also see the "INRI" (IESVS NAZARENVS REX IVDÆORVM) sign that was nailed to the cross, as well as buildings which presumably are intended to represent Jerusalem.

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