One Hundred Silver Doves

I first published an article on this particular chasuble nearly a decade ago and it is one that I've been intending, for some while now, to introduce to our many new readers here on LAJ.  The chasuble in question was one commissioned by a young priest for his ordination -- the priest in question is Fr. Lawrence Lew, O.P., a Dominican friar presently situated in England.

The chasuble in question comes in the medieval conical form -- so-called because of its cone-like shape:

As you can see, the T-cross is found on the front of the chasuble as was not infrequently the case in this form. The extra fabric at the arms is then gathered up to the wrists in such a way that, if worn properly, will have graceful, flowing folds.

However, the intent here is not to focus on the shape of this particular chasuble, nor the proper technique of wearing conicals; rather, I wished to share some details of the embroideries that are found upon it which are based on a ninth century design from the cathedral of Torcello, incorporating more than 100 silver doves. Let's take a look:

While the doves are, of course, the star of the show, certainly the rest of the design is also quite elegant, not least of which the galloons with their angular designs that set them into a nice contrast with the more fluid, organic shapes of the doves and vines.

Needless to say, the vestment is 'bespoke' and not an 'off the rack' offering -- but I am certain that comes as no surprise to readers given the quality and creativity to be found here.

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