Portable Altars in Malta

Our recent post on house chapels drew a fair bit of interest and in particular the so-called "wardrobe altar" and so it seemed like a good opportunity to share an exhibition that took place in Malta in the around 1999-2000. The exhibition in question was on "Portable Altars in Malta":
Portable Altars in Malta ... illustrates a unique type of altar that is fascinating both in its function and form. The portable altar stone is in the true sense of the word a square slab containing holy relics, big enough to accommodate the base of the chalice. The term ‘portable altar’ however also signifies the larger, movable and often domestic structures that contain these consecrated altar stones. This ... offers an in-depth study of these domestic types that often took the form of a bureau or cabinet used by the more well-to-do families when celebrating a religious ceremony.
The two examples of this form of portable altar that we recently showed were situation in Lyon and Rome respectively.  Here then are some further examples coming from the "Portable Altars in Malta" exhibition.

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