Pope John Paul II's Oriental Influenced Chasuble

Proper inculturation in the liturgical arts is a subject that has always been of great interest to me, and some of the very best examples of it have often come from the Orient. Here one often sees the distinctive architectural and artistic themes of that region successfully embedded into Catholic liturgical art and architecture.  One example of this that I have shown in the past is the chasuble of Dom Pierre-CĂ©lestin Lou Tseng-Tsiang, OSB. More recently, the following example came to light, which shows Pope John Paul II wearing a similarly styled chasuble in 1983 for the beatification of two Salesian missionaries who were based in China.

The cut is, of course, gothic, and the silk and orphrey certainly appear to have strong oriental influences from what we can see of it.

By way of comparison, here is the aforementioned chasuble of Dom Lou, which has a similar feel and character::

Both chasubles exhibit nobility and beauty, and -- in my estimation -- bear the marks of proper inculturation.

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