A Good Friday Chasuble from Twentieth Century Lithuania

Earlier this week we shared a couple of "memento mori" chasubles and while in the process of discovering those, this example also turned up.  The chasuble is another coming from the Archdiocese of Vilnius in Lithuania and is dated to approximately 1909.The chasuble includes beautiful metallic lace braid galloons in gold and an image of the Crucified Christ surrounded by floral motifs.

The front includes some of the usual symbols associated with the Passion, such as the pillar, the lance, the vinegar and gall, and thorns.

Of note too is the chalice veil which includes Veronica's Veil:

This image also gives a much closer look at the lace braid with its seashell motifs.

The combination of the image of the crucifixion with these other symbols of the Passion is what mark this chasuble as something likely intended for Good Friday -- or at least particularly apropos to it.

Source: The Embroidered Heaven

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