Revival of 1920's Designer Fabrics

Finally we are beginning to see the revival of some more interesting (and truly artistic) fabrics from yesteryear.  This prime example - originally from circa 1920's Belgium - has been revived and made available again courtesy of the Leaflet Missal Company in St. Paul, Minnesota.

The project was spearheaded by John Hastreiter who heads up Leaflet's church supplies arm.  John is a good friend and is well known and respected in the liturgical arts community for his work and many contributions in the area of sales and good taste.  He is famous for his "Birettas for Seminarians Project!" with Fr. John Zuhlsdorf.

I have to say John is doing great work and has really helped to built up the Leaflet brand while doing  more than anyone to put it on the map while cultivating a solid customer base of loyal next generation seminarians and clergy.

For this project John collaborated with Arte/Grossé: in Beligum to help revive this fascinating design.  This is what the Leaflet website has to say of the unique white sample seen below:
"Now available for the first time in over a century, this gorgeous vestment features traditional symbolism like the Chi-Rho, Fish, Loaves, and the Lamb.  Making it a great piece for Christmas, Easter, Funerals, and Benediction celebrations."
How nice it is to see this optical revolution that abolishes the single viewpoint that vestments must be of mediocre polyester material.  Keep up the fine work, John!  I encourage everyone to purchase for their parish a chasuble made of this beautiful material.

As Schiller once said, "Mankind has lost its dignity, but art has recovered it and conserved it in significant stones."

Photos: OC-Travel

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