Marian Chasuble from Atelier LAVS

Continuing on with our 'Marian theme' of the past days, the other day I presented to readers a glorious example from the 18th century and today I wished to turn to some contemporary work coming from the Italian firm, Atelier LAVS -- they code it "SP34" for anyone interested in inquiring about a purchase.

Many fuller form chasubles look best when they have some sort of ornament on the body of the chasuble as well, seen here via the stars they have incorporated. That said, a finely detailed orphrey can really make a vestment of this type and won't require a great deal of augmentation through additional ornamentation elsewhere. They have struck a nice balance here I think.

I would also note that one of the things that always impresses me about the work of Atelier LAVS is their keen sense of texture and layering which they especially accomplish through their fine beadwork.

At any rate, enough talk; let's take a look at the chasuble itself.

And now, some of the details.

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