Other Modern Chasuble of the Bishop of Monaco

The following chasuble was exhibited as part of the exhibition, "Apparelled in Celestial Light" at Indar Pasricha Fine Arts in London. It sits as another example of Other Modern coming from within the Liturgical Movement. Readers may be particularly interest to note the inclusion of the episcopal arms on this chasuble, though on the front instead of the usual back placement. The following is the description of the vestment from the exhibition catalogue:
White gothic-shaped chasuble cut from non-liturgical cloth, of a Liberty style but with a design evoking gifts of the Holy Spirit. The Y shaped orphrey is decorated on the back with an appliqué portraying the Alpha and Omega with an additional appliqué of the dove of the Holy Spirit, radiating slender gold rays. A geometric tracery in spun gold is embroidered at the base and on the shoulders of the orphrey. The episcopal arms crest and motto ET SUPER HANC PETRAM of Pierre-Maurice Rivière, Bishop of Monaco (1939-1953) and subsequently are those of the titular archbishop of Anchialus (1953-1961) are embroidered on the base of the front orphrey.

France, 1935-1950

Silk satin brocade, silver thread; orphreys: silk velvet, and an appliqué of spun gold embroidery.

Lining: pink silk satin.

Chasuble, Back
Chasuble, Front


Arms of the Bishop of Monaco

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