Before and After: The Crypt Chapel of Corpus Christi Cathedral in Texas

Studio io Liturgical Design in collaboration with Granda Liturgical Arts recently embarked on an 'update' of the crypt chapel of Corpus Christi Cathedral in Corpus Christi, Texas. The old chapel exhibits a rather curious arrangement of the type that seemed to become popular in the 1990's whereby the pews and sanctuary were placed at an angle compared to the basic rectangular structure of the chapel space proper.  The altar and sanctuary were similarly oriented with a retablo like structure behind and a central tabernacle as can be seen here:


This rather haphazard and frankly chaotic and uninspiring 'before' was replaced with a much more noble, simple and edifying classical arrangement that stopped trying to 'fight' with the over-arching architectural space, instead employing a traditional arrangement that includes a central aisle and a sanctuary arrangement on the liturgically 'eastern' end of the space. 


To either side of the altar are found niches with images of the Virgin and St. Joseph, while behind the altar and central tabernacle are now a crucifixion scene. 

The end result is a much more noble, beautiful and 'simple' liturgical space that appropriately orients the chapel and faithful toward the altar and sanctuary.

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