A Design for St. Edward’s Parish in Phoenix, Arizona by Harrison Design

One of the lesser seen styles in contemporary architecture (regrettably) is the Spanish mission style, a style rooted in the architectural tradition of Renaissance and baroque Spain. Fortunately we've seen some revival of this form in recent years, including this the following design which was created by the architectural firm Harrison Design.

Harrison Design provides a brief synopsis of the design:

St. Edward’s parish in Phoenix, AZ, combines the best of local and historical traditions to provide the flourishing parish with an accommodating and meaningful place of worship. The design reflects California Mission style’s terra-cotta roofs, whitewash stucco walls, and limestone appointments, but is also inspired by the 18th and early-19th-century architect Bertram Goodhue, known for his mastery of Spanish Colonial Revival style. Inside, the Southwestern character continues with broad wooden beams, geometric decorative stenciling, paneled and faceted volumes—all culminating in the majestic, gilded retablo of the Spanish Baroque idiom with matching side shrines. Along with design services, Harrison Design assisted with financial feasibility strategies, such as developing a phasing plan to help the parish meet functional and budgetary milestones without sacrificing the ultimate articulation and decoration of the architecture.

The following watercolours show the prospective design:

The interior watercolour presents the architect's vision for an arrangement that would feature a Spanish style altar and retablo and a classical sanctuary ordering complete with an altar rail. To either side of the sanctuary are two "shrines" (approximating side altars). 

A beautiful, historically and regionally inspired design, filled with potential.

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