Apparelled Amice from Solemnis in Poland

Apparel on an amice or alb is a rare sight in most parts of the world. It brings to mind the vestments of the Middle-Ages, still seen today in some places such as England, Spain or Australia. For many Catholics it is most commonly seen in the Anglican Ordinariate, with influences from the Sarum Rite. Or in the Ambrosian Rite, celebrated in the former Duchy of Milan. 

One tailor that still makes apparel is Solemnis, an exceptional firm of exalted reputation and noted accomplishment, located in Poland. 

The portfolio of Solemnis is impressive. They offer a wide variety of custom items with exquisite fabrics. I encourage readers to check out their site. 

Solemnis is a family-owned studio which came into being for love of God and love of the beauty of the sacred rites. Their tailors pay careful respect and attention to our traditions of hand-made craftsmanship and the dignity of the worship of God, making fine chasubles, albs, surplices, altar linens, altar frontals, and other vestments in the highest tradition of quality and excellence. 

It should be noted that Solenis creations are always of natural materials, silks and pure linen, following the example of our forefathers in the Faith. And their prices are affordable. 

In addition, Solemnis can realize embroidery works following any patterns. They work closely with the best European fabric and trimming manufacturers and with two separate masters of hand embroidery, with one specializing in gold-work and polychromatic embroidery, while the other works with white or red embroidery on starched linen material.

Following are a sample of creations by Solemnis, illustrating their highest quality of European fabrics and design elements.  May God bless and reward this wonderful and hard-working family for their incredible contribution to the liturgical arts now and forever.  


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