The “San Filippo Neri” Chasuble by Sacra Domus Aurea

Sacra Domus Aurea has made a name for itself as a first-rate designer and tailor of bespoke liturgical vestments. The owner is Anamaria who has grown her business over the years and now her unique vestment creations can be seen everywhere.

In these images we can see an example of her fine work, cut in the Neri style, a look that was often seen in Rome in the late sixteenth century and popularized by images of St. Philip Neri dressed in this style chasuble. 

The finished product is an elegant ivory silk damask chasuble with floral silk lampas orphrey, decorated with fine metallic gold galloon trim.  The raw silk lining is a deep red. This set comes complete with a stole, maniple, burse and chalice veil.  

That being said, interested parties are certainly able to order a complete solemn set that would also include a cope, humeral veil, dalmatic, tunicle, tabernacle veil, altar frontal, etc. Also, an embroidered stemma can be included. 

For those interested, feel free to contact Sacra Domus Aurea to discuss options and pricing.

As a bespoke vestment studio, most items are custom made and variations can be requested on this or any other design. Products are typically not kept "in stock," while a handful of items are ready to ship. 

In some ways beautiful vestments such as these are still rare and are a revolt against the ugliness of the modern era, offering a precious antidote. Spiritually, Catholics try to develop their interior life through the assiduous and constant exercise of the faculties of the soul, with the aid of beautiful vestments contributing to the prayer experience. 

New vestment companies like Sacra Domus Aurea have regenerated the scene, an artistic affirmation of the flowering of the Counter Reformation, helping to push for a return to the tradition of pulchrum in the liturgy (the beautiful perceived as a transcendental). The theological category of beauty orients and influences the soul through this affirmation of beauty, even amidst the floodtide of modernity. 

Through great companies like Sacra Domus Aurea, beauty still remains today as the representative and guardian of the outward unity of the sacred liturgy. An excellent tool for evangelization. Many thanks to Anamaria Baraboi of Sacra Domus Aurea for her many and varied contributions to this new Renaissance of beauty and we invite readers to consider purchasing custom vestments from her fine offerings.  


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