A Selection of Nineteenth Century French Cloth of Gold Vestments

If there are any two times of the liturgical year that would especially seem to warrant the use of the colour gold, it is on the high feasts of Christmas and Easter. When it comes to gold vestments, few have perhaps embraced this so much as the French did in the nineteenth century. Their textile of choice? Gold silk lamé. And, if I may, what better theme for those two times of the liturgical year than the symbol of the Lamb of God (one of the most popular themes found in these vestments)? 

The Lamb is, of course, a reference to Christ; young, innocent and blameless and the sacrificial lamb by which the sins of the world are atoned for.  In view of that, today I thought I'd share a selection of these vestments, all of them coming in gold and all of them including the symbol of the Lamb of God. 

There seems little need of any more commentary beyond this other than to simply recommend them for your consideration and, hopefully, your inspiration. 
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