Vestments from the Metropolitan Cathedral of Madrid

The following are some photos of vestments coming from the Metropolitan Cathedral of Madrid, Santa Maria la Real de la Aldmudena. The first set he photographed is a Solemn Mass set inclusive of antependium, with the typical Spanish styled chasuble and dalmatic/tunicle (and their respective collarin).  

A closer look at the set will show you just how sculpted the embroideries are, which leads me to think these are likely from the nineteenth century. The designs include typical floriated motifs along with vases filled with fruits and flowers. 

The cope of the set continues this motif but also includes a hood/shield with the dove, the symbol of the Holy Spirit. The main body of the cope also includes large, embroidered fleur-de-lys. 

The antependium from the set features the Lamb of God and the Seven Seals of the Book of Revelation.

In addition to this set, there is also a spectacular chasuble which was donated by Pope Leo XIII on the occasion of the creation of the Archdiocese of Madrid in 1885. It too is in the distinctive Spanish shape and is heavily sculpted in its embroideries. It also appears to include a papal tiara in its design.

One can also just catch a glimpse of the chalice veil, which includes the Lamb of God, and the burse, which includes an image of the Eucharistic symbol of the chalice and host.  

While not everyone appreciates embroideries of this type, it certainly would have been well suited to the most solemn of feasts in the very large sacred space of a cathedral. 

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