A Selection of Vestments in the Lyonese Style

Of French vestments, the Parisian style is the one that tends to get the widest circulation for one reason or another -- and for those who aren't familiar with the sort of distinction to which I am referring, I'd invite you to see our article, Paris and Lyon: Orphrey Variations in French Vestment Design.  Today I thought we would share with our readers a few examples of French vestments according to the Lyonese style -- which is to say, a chasuble with a central column orphrey on the back (in the Italian fashion) but with two arms attached to it, forming the horizontal axis of a Latin cross. 

While other aspects of the design can vary quite widely (as you shall see), it is this "Lyonese cross" that fundamentally unites them and demarcates a chasuble as being Lyonese in its design influence as opposed to something else. 

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