Mosaics from the Duomo di Messina by Atelier Lenarduzzi Mosaici

The Atelier Lenarduzzi Mosaici is a mosaic workshop based out of Pordenone which is located within the northeast of Italy. The workshop, as one might expect, is situated firmly within the Italian tradition, down to its use of traditional mosaic glass made on the Venetian island of Murano.

The Atelier does various types of projects, including ecclesiastical one's, and one that in particular caught my attention in this regard was that which was executed for the Duomo di Messina. Now the Duomo itself originally dates to the twelfth century but it has gone through numerous earthquakes over the centuries, including one in the early twentieth century that almost completely destroyed the building. Reconstruction efforts were undertaken and the new structure was consecrated in 1929. 

After this, in 1930, the mosaicist Giulio Aristide Sartorio was selected to execute a programme of mosaics for the newly rebuilt cathedral. As part of this, he was required to present sketches for his proposed mosaics by the following year, alongside with full scale painted versions two years following that.

Sartorio's illustration for the mosaics of the triumphal arch.

It wasn't, however, until the year 2000 that this particular mosaic above was to finally be created and installed; a project which the Atelier Lenarduzzi Mosaici had the great honour of fulfilling.  

Taking the original sketches by Sartorio, this Atelier interpreted the colours and shades they felt fit Sartorio's intended vision. The end result was quite beautiful indeed:

It is a testament to the quality of their work that it so seamlessly integrates into the rest of the historical cathedral's design. 

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