Introducing Devotio- An International Exhibition of Catholic Religious Art and Services in Italy

Italy is in many ways the heart and centre of the world of Catholic sacred art for reason of the long history of its production there and as such it should come as little surprise that it is also home to vendor exhibitions in the same. One such exhibition is called Devotio and the organizers of this particular exhibition recently sent LAJ a summary anbd preview of some of what you might see were you to attend this event, whether as a priest, parish, or even a company producing Catholic liturgical art. 

They introduce us to their project as follows:
For over 30 years Conference Service Srl has been organizing fairs in the Catholic religious sector. The union between our passion for the organization and the strong interest found in the Catholic world gave birth, in 2017, to DEVOTIO, an international religious goods and services exhibition. This worldwide event takes place in Bologna, a charming city in central Italy full of history and culture.

DEVOTIO has never been just an exhibition, but much more. It has always aimed to bring together the world of production, craftsmanship, art and design with international buyers and institutions. This is a place where craftsmanship and style meet to bring to life innovative and high-quality proposals. It is an all-in-one event where you can find devotional items, liturgical furniture, installations of sacred art and architecture, liturgical vestments and objects.

The event is both a venue for business meetings and for moments of reflection, supported by exhibitions, debates and in-depth studies focused on the liturgy, art and architecture of ecclesiastical buildings. 
In 2022 we were pleased to host  a contest around the theme of "Dalmatics for the Easter Vigil,” which produced a display of all the best proposals amongst the companies with expertise in the production of liturgical vestments. The chosen theme was inspired by the increasing appreciation of the deacon's role and his specific function within the context of the Easter Vigil.
For the 2024 exhibition the theme of the contest will be "Christological Signs in the Liturgical Procession.” In this contest you will be able to see displayed liturgical items such as the processional cross, candlesticks, the Evangeliarium, boat and thurible. 

DEVOTIO 2024 will take place in Bolognoa, Italy from February 11-13th, 2024. We hope you will join us!

Of course, what our readers will be particularly curious about are the items one might be exposed to at such a conference. It is fair to say that an exhibition such as this will accommodate all sorts of styles and tastes, and here are a few samples of just some of the exhibitors who will be present at this year's exhibition; examples that I think will be of interest to our readers:

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