The Home Oratory

The Home Oratory (Oratorium Domesticum) is a wonderful Facebook page that inspires families and individuals who wish to connect themselves to the liturgical life of the Church by means of creating a sacred space in their homes - the "domestic church." The creator of the page is an artist in England who has built a small altar in his home in the Roman Baroque style. He posts occasional photos and videos to catechize and inspire the faithful. 

Following are several photos that will give readers a glimpse of this outstanding design, decorated so well in the classic stile romano. The images will hopefully inspire readers and give them ideas of how to design their own home oratory.  Obviously the Blessed Sacrament is not ordinarily reserved in a home chapel. In addition, a consecrated permanent altar is not found in most home oratory chapels. Nevertheless, this is an example of what can be done, a home altar for private devotions in the quiet corner of someone's home.  

I myself have been privileged to visit a few similar house chapels in Rome, Verona, Fatima, the U.S. and elsewhere around the world. The home oratory is a long-standing Catholic custom also seen in rectories. That being said, it is rare to see a setup done this well, with this level of artistic merit, including multiple altar frontals and a fitting canopy. 



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