1950: A Festal Solemn Pontifical Mass in the Gesu in Rome

The following images present a reasonably rare view of the church of the Gesu in Rome, decorated in 1950 in celebration of the canonization of St. Anthony Marie Claret, with a solemn pontifical Mass offered by one of the cardinal's of the Roman church.  We really intend no other purpose here than for our readers to enjoy these beautiful photographs of a solemn liturgical occasion, taking place within the context of the venerable Roman rite. 

Some of our readers more interested in Roman protocol and ceremonial will no doubt enjoy looking at the different details in these photos. Enjoy. 

The arrival of the Cardinal

Vesting of the Cardinal

Chanting of the Epistle

Proclamation of the Gospel


Incensation of the Altar at the Offertory

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