New Set of Vestments for the Order of Malta by Sacra Domus Aurea

The well-respected atelier of bespoke liturgical vestments, Sacra Domus Aurea, has recently completed a commission that really caught our attention. It is a complete set of vestments in the Roman style of pianeta Romana for use by the Grand Priory and the British Association of the SMOM. It will be used for the first time on their annual pilgrimage to Lourdes in May of this year where it will be blessed. 

The Order of Malta was founded in the eleventh century to help the poor and sick in the holy city of Jerusalem. The founding members, tending to the spiritual needs of those under their care, took great care to uphold ennobling liturgical traditions to honor God and inspire others to take up the cause. The liturgical customs of the Order stretch back over one millennium and it is a consolation to see them going forward into another. 

The vestments were made in memory of Lady Patricia Talbot of Malahide, long-time Vice-President of the British Association of the Order of Malta, Dame Grand Cross of Honour and Devotion in Obedience, and holder of the Cross of Merit with Badge in the Order Pro Merito Melitense. Lady Patricia was fond of Lourdes and visited there every year as a pilgrim and volunteer for many years. 

Lady Patricia's coat-of-arms can be seen on the chasuble, set in an elegant Baroque cartouche. This pious woman fell asleep in the Lord on Good Friday, 10 April, 2020. Her husband proceeded her in 2016. Her funeral in London was celebrated at the Brompton Oratory and she is buried in Swinburne. May her memory be eternal. Of your charity may all who see these vestments be reminded to kindly offer a prayer for the repose of her soul.  

Sacra Domus Aurea is one of our favorite designers. They took great care to create this Roman style Low Mass set to honor the memory of a great woman. The precious material chosen is their exclusive custom-made silk lampas. Royal blue was selected as the color of the silk lining. The trim is made of a fine gold galloon. The set includes a matching stole, burse, and chalice veil. In addition, there are six con-celebrant chasubles that are made slightly different with highlights of ivory silk damask. These con-celebrant chasubles are decorated with an embroidered version of of the stemma of the Order of Malta with its familiar Maltese cross to accompany Lady Patricia's arms on the main chasuble. 

A variation of the design is available for purchase here (seen below) with the stemma of the Order of Malta. It is a Low Mass chasuble modeled after this set, made slightly different with ivory silk damask in addition to the silk lampas in the orphreys.  This set would make a wonderful gift for a chaplain of the Order.  

Source: Order of Malta - Grand Priory of England Facebook Page.  


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