More Examples of Ornamental Violet Vestments

We have said before here that "purple need not mean plain" and before we once again leave behind the season of violet in exchange for gold, white, red and green, I wanted to share three other gems that I have come across, two of them from the seventeenth century. 

There is nothing of any individual particular note to speak of here other than their particular quality and beauty -- and frequently that is explanation enough. The one comment I would like to make however, if only to draw your attention to it, is of the particular beauty of the shade of violet that you will see used here -- one which, as in many other examples from this era,  relies on more muted expressions. It is that subtlety of the silk lamé that works so well with the gold embroidery on each. As for the embroideries themselves, they are of course exquisite and tasteful. 

17th century

18th century

17th century

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