Introducing the Architectural Firm, Franck and Lohsen

I wanted to bring our readers' attention to yet another worthwhile architectural firm, one of many that we try to feature here from time to time: Franck and Lohsen. As always, we'll let the firm first of all speak for and define itself. Here is what they have to say about their design approach and philosophy:
This common thread runs through the work of Franck & Lohsen. The firm’s deep appreciation and understanding of listed buildings and historically sensitive sites strongly influences its overall design philosophy. While Franck & Lohsen draws inspiration from the designs of renowned classical architects throughout time and from the region, its designs don’t merely copy other architecture. The firm uses its contemplative imagination to envision new possibilities while maintaining the project’s historical roots. Upon completion, each work looks as if it has always been there — and can remain so for generations to come.

This approach essentially translates in contemporary, but traditional architecture. 

Since this is an 'introduction' our approach here will simply be to give you a general taste and sense of some of the firm's excellent ecclesiastical work and the range of styles they work within (which are many). In other articles in the future, we will no doubt dive more deeply into some of their specific projects.

Do enjoy and do also give their webpage a visit. 

Shrine of Blessed Stanley Rother, Oklahoma City - done in a colonial Spanish mission style

St. Francis Xavier, Stillwater, Oklahoma - done in a classic gothic revival style

St. Francis Xavier - Interior

St. Clare of Assisi, Charleston, SC - done in an Italian gothic style

St. Cecilia Convent chapel interior, Nashville

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