Funerary 'Obiit' Rendition of Benedict XVI's Arms by D'Azur ed D'Or of France

During the past several days of Requiem Masses celebrated throughout the Catholic world for the repose of the soul of Benedict XVI, this rendition of the arms of the deceased retired Pontiff has stood out, seen on various candles and catafalques, especially in Rome and at Traditional Latin Masses. What a great way to honor the memory of a deceased pope. In the words of Pliny, "He is gone from us, full of years and full of honors" (Plenus annis abiit, plenus honoribus). That being said, there have always been a plethora of different versions of papal coat-of-arms for popes in life as in death, some more artistic than others.  

Special mention goes to the French heraldist and painter Hyacinthe de Keranroue of D'Azur et d'Or who created this worthy rendition, now recognized throughout the Catholic world. Below are a few images of catafalques displaying this same creative "obiit" version, created especially to commemorate the day Benedict fell asleep in the Lord. This colorful display adds a definite feeling of gravitas, or high seriousness, dignity, and solemnity to the occasion and to the funerary rites. 

Further, below is another example of a unique version of the arms of Benedict XVI, a creation of the same artist. The fresh and tasteful style gives a new and positive definition to the art of papal heraldry in our times.  Hopefully, the next pope will commission this same gifted artist to create the official version of his papal arms. It is far superior to what we have seen in recent years. Merci, Hyacinthe!

A similar version has also been seen in recent days by Xavier d'Andeville, another active heraldist.  It gives great satisfaction and consolation for not a few of us to see these traditions being preserved for a new generation.  

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