Marian Offerings from Altarworthy Vestments

With today being the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, it seemed a good time to feature a couple of contemporary vestment offerings from Altarworthy which feature Marian imagery.  Earlier this year they introduced a gothic revival piece that included as its central image an image of the Virgin for which they provided the following descriptive text:

A new hand embroidered silk vessica of the Blessed Virgin who "crushes the head of the serpent" is the centerpiece of a Gothic Low Mass set ...  The blue-green hues of the velvet orphreys come from Our Lady of Guadalupe's codex -- the teal blue which signifies her Queenship of both heaven (blue) and earth (green)...  The ivory damask bears lilies, roses and twining vines of ivy -- symbolizing purity, beauty and fidelity.

Here is a look at this particular embroidered image which is nicely executed:

The colours of the embroidery are also nicely complemented by the gold and teal coloured orphrey of the chasuble, all set onto a very nice cream silk damask. The combination brings the entire piece together in to a unified whole. 

However, if your leanings tend more toward the 'pianeta' shape rather than gothic, another offering of Altarworthy that surely must be mentioned on this feast day is their Guadalupe chasuble. 

This particular chasuble takes its inspiration from an antique chasuble that was designed in 1898 and which is found in the treasury of the Metropolitan Cathedral of Mexico City. Altarworthy has combined the back central orphrey of this historical chasuble with the outer designs of roses and scroll work from the front, thereby coming up with their own particular take on this historical work. 
1898, Metropolitan Cathedral of Mexico City

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