An Antependium of the Duomo di Grosseto Featuring St. Lawrence (1703-1710)

This particular antependium was produced in Tuscany in the early part of the 18th century, from 1703-1710. What came to my attention in this particular frontal's instance was the central image depicting St. Lawrence, the Roman deacon and martyr. In view of that, it seemed quite likely that this particular antependium was perhaps intended to function in a diocese or cathedral church who had St. Lawrence as its particular patron (given the fact that the colour of the antependium is not red in its colour and therefore not particular to the feast day of St. Lawrence itself). Indeed, with a little more investigations as it turns out the location of this particular antepnedium is Grosseto and the Duomo of Grosseto is named after St. Lawrence: the Catthedrale di San Lorenzo. In view of that, we can also reasonably surmise that the episcopal stemma found on this particular antependium is that of the bishop of Grosseto at the time. 

Regrettably the antependium is today framed and covered so it does not allow us to see it in its full colour and detail, but I think our readers will agree that all the same it is spectacular.

The central medallion of the antependium contains a beautiful and refined embroidery of the patron saint of the cathedral, St. Lawrence. 

Surmounting that central medallion are the arms of the bishop of Grosseto of that time -- who either commissioned the work itself or the work was commissioned for him. 

Finally, here are a few details showing the floral embroidery work (and bear in mind once again that we are seeing these through glass, so we are not seeing them in their most precise colour and detail):

It is a truly exceptional work of liturgical art. 

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