The Helmet of Salvation: The Art of Crafting an Amice

Sacra Indumenta in Connecticut are making a name for themselves with an enhanced level of quality craftsmanship (and very interesting workshops).  This brings to mind the good old days of family owned full-service design and tailoring ateliers in places like Lyon, Milan, Genoa, and Naples that for decades made quality appurtenances for the altar while also teaching the next generation to produce heirloom quality bespoke vestments and liturgical paramenti made of the finest materials.  

The founder of Sacra Indumenta is Susan-Jayne Caballero, a leading executive in the creative field of fashion, textiles, and
décor.  She is one to watch.  The quality of her work is exceptional.  She has been in the design industry for 25 years, a champion of great beauty and quality work.  On Saturday, April 2nd she hosted a unique "Crafting an Amice Workshop" where participants were able to learn how to construct an amice in the traditional, time-honored way.  It is gratifying to see such initiatives as this, teaching the faithful to value, appreciate, and reproduce only the best for service of the altar in the "holy of holies," the inner sanctuary of the tabernacle.  The wonderful event was explained here, briefly quoted below: 

"In this class, we will construct one Amice, using pure, prepared linen and learn the traditional method of pulling threads for accuracy and treatment of the grain of the cloth. Likewise, blocking, hemming and embroidering the red 20-stitch counted cross-stitch center back Cross will be included as each student crafts their own Amice. Cleaning and caring for the finished sacred linen will be covered as well as treatment for prepping unprepared linen for future tailoring projects."

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