Contrasts - More Atypical Colour Combinations in Vestment Design

We live in an age when we've become accustomed to commonly used templates for vestments. Gold and silver highlights and orphreys for example; primary colour damasks. For those more familiar with eighteenth century vestment work, pastel colours are frequently seen. So often do we see these that we have almost come to think that it was the only approach to vestment design, but that isn't the case. 

The following examples show a series of brightly coloured vestments coming from different regions and centuries. While many of us may not find all of these to our own personal tastes, it is good to be aware that such vestments exist so that we do not find ourselves limited in our understanding of the range of vestment design. (Those interested in this angle may also want to see our article, Atypical Colour Combinations Seen in Historical Vestments.)

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