Pattern and Detail in Liturgical Art and Architecture

Pattern and detailing are frequently a key part of beautiful and engaging liturgical art and architecture and while the baroque and the gothic are frequently pitted against one another (by some at least) both of these periods share in this same basic design principle. Today, we look at this in a gothic revival context coming from a project undertaken by Ecclesiastical Studios & Sons.  This particular project comes from St. John Nepomucene in Kansas.

The first point of interest is the fleur-de-lys diaper pattern found behind the high altar with its reredos. The addition of this sort of detail not only finds a historical basis in the medieval period's love of pattern and colour, it also has the effect of setting the high altar apart from the two side altars -- as ornate as they are.

This patterned detailing is also included above the altar on the ceiling above which includes a symbol showing the Holy Spirit in the traditional form of a dove.

Here are a few more details taken from the high altar.

And finally, a few more in general taken from the rest of the church.

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