Catholic Artist Neilson Carlin: Master of Classical Realism

Oil on canvas painting by Neilson Carlin, Our Lady of Guadalupe Shrine

Neilson Carlin is a Catholic artist and experienced figure painter who paints in the very difficult style of classical realism.  This takes real talent.  His popular works are seen in churches across the nation.  Over recent years he has become a recognized name as one of the best painters in Catholic art circles, a gifted illustrator and art teacher.  After he got his start as a student of illustration at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia (one of the oldest schools of art in the U.S.), Neilson went on to convert to the Catholic Faith and has since created some of the most imaginative and stunningly beautiful Catholic works of art imaginable.  

Today he specializes in large-scale sacred and devotional art for new and older parish churches.  Some of his best recognized paintings can be seen at the Our Lady of Guadalupe Shrine in La Crosse, Wisconsin, where they are admired each year by many countless visitors.  Neilson was also the fortunate artist who was chosen to create the official image of the Holy Family for the World Meeting of Families in 2015 - a beautiful work created in the classical footprint.  

I encourage pastors and readers to take a look at his excellent site, Neilson Carlin Fine Artist, and to contact him for the best quality sacred and devotional art to fill your churches once again with beautiful new works that are genuinely artistic and sacred.

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