The "Parato Ciceri" - Paraments of Cardinal Carlo Stefano Anastasio Ciceri (1618 - 1694)

The seventeenth century Milanese born Cardinal, Carlo Ciceri, has left us an impressive series of paraments known as the "parato Ciceri" which is a full solemn Mass set in white, inclusive of a matching antependium.  The cardinal in question was elevated to that rank in 1686 b Pope Innocent XI and give the titular church of Sant'Agostino in Rome.  

The photo above gives a sense of the various pieces of the set, and while we unfortunately do not have contemporary photos of all of the various parts and pieces, we are at least able to share some photos of the chasuble from the set, as well as the antependium. 

As was typically the case with the period, the embroideries are characterized by a very intricate pattern of floral and winding vine motifs. Unlike many other vestments of the period, however, these particular embroidered patterns are much more indicative of what would come to be seen a century later -- which is simply to say they were especially ornamental in their character. 

The best way to see a set like this is in liturgical use of course, and fortunately we can share the following photos of them taken from the Beatification Mass of Don Guanella as well as one other, of the antependium. 

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