Book Notice: Tresors Inconnus du Vatican: Ceremonial et Liturgie (New, Updated 2021 Edition)

Those interested in ceremonial and liturgical rites attached to the papacy and papal court will be very pleased to know that a new edition of Bernard Berthod's and Pierre Blanchard's, Tresors Inconnus du Vatican: Ceremonial et Liturgie has recently been released this past Oct. 28, 2021 by Éditions CLD.  The previous edition of this book was not particularly easy to come by in recent years, so a new (and updated) edition is certainly most welcome.

So what is this book? It is, in short, an alphabetized catalogue of the various objects and items found throughout the halls of the Vatican, from the papal sacristy to the apostolic palace. Within this book one will find items we are both commonly aware of -- such as the papal tiara -- and those which are much more rare and arcane -- such as those used in the flax-burning rite of the papal coronation; from the papal mantum to the traditional choir dress of cardinals, from the noble guard to the Swiss Guard, one will find it all here within. It is the most comprehensive book of its kind that I know of. 

Evidently familiarity with French would be a definite bonus to take full advantage of a work such as this, but it must be said that it is so rich with high quality colour photographs and art that even if you do not reach French, but simply find yourself interested in the ceremonial and liturgical life of the papacy and papal court, it is well worth the 99 EUR price tag -- and perhaps a good opportunity to pick up a little French along the way. 

The book is of a coffee table size; a weighty tome in scale and size, well suited to such a weighty topic as this. The production qualities are superb, with crisp, glossy pages, photographs and images found throughout -- and without any exaggeration, on each and every page of the book. 

Here are just a few more images taken from the book that will perhaps give you a taste for the contents.

This is an absolute treasure trove of information that I not only highly recommend, I would insist that it is a 'must have' for anyone interested in the liturgical and ceremonial life of the Roman church. Highly recommended.

Tresors Inconnus du Vatican: Ceremonial et Liturgie
Bernard Berthod and Pierre Blanchard
367 pages
Editions CLD
ISBN: 978-2-85443-617-4

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