Announcing: New TAN Books Blog "TAN Direction"

Chrism Mass at the Lateran Archbasilica

"Embark on a journey, one that will bring before you the writings of great Catholic thinkers, influencers, saints, and future saints including authors of TAN books."

TAN Books is launching today a new online journal called TAN Direction which will aspire to give readers practical resources to help them become saints.  I have been named the Editor.  

The goal of TAN Direction is to share the strong foundation that TAN Books is built upon, a recognized brand for Catholic fidelity and orthodoxy that goes back to its founding in 1967.

The name TAN Direction describes the site’s role as an online host to include a journal to help give spiritual direction for Catholic readers in a world of disorientation and confusion.  Each article posted will have fidelity to the original founding mandate of TAN Books – which is to be a publisher Catholics can trust with their faith.  Content will be in keeping with the TAN voice and style, while keeping readers engaged on a variety of topics.  Many of the topics will be focused on the liturgy and liturgical arts.  

Readers of TAN Direction will be serious Catholics from across the globe.  Articles will be geared to the intellectual curiosity of readers and in response to related topics of interest.  Defining qualities of articles will include:

·         Absolute fidelity to the Tradition of the Church

·         Consistency with Catholic dogma and morals

·         Defense and promotion of the Faith with no compromise

·         Promotion and support of the Catholic homeschool revival

·         Education of the faithful on all aspects of Catholic Culture

·         Foresight to lead the resurgence of the Traditional Roman Liturgy 

The strong foundation that TAN is built upon is a recognized brand that goes back nearly 50 years.  TAN strives to preserve the voices of the saints by keeping in print some of the absolute best and most cherished English-language works of the Catholic intellectual tradition.  This is something not to be taken for granted – it is a work of the Holy Spirit.  TAN Direction is an extension of the religious apostolate of TAN Books. 

I hope readers will find TAN Direction a great inspiration and support on their own journey, and that they are compelled to share the articles with other like-minded individuals.

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