A Spectacular Sixteenth Century Chasuble from Trent

While the shape is clearly of later vintage, the main substance of this particular chasuble is dated to 1524-1574. The chasuble is compromised of a stunning Turkish velvet that incorporates winding branches with pomegranate leaves and fruits. Set on top of this backdrop is a gorgeous image of the crucified Christ that has a three dimensional quality to it -- one feels almost as though it is a sculpture capable of leaping off the back of the chasuble. A closer look of the Christ figure and cross:

And here, a better look at the velvet, which is made of a single, wide piece:

Overall, the textures on this chasuble are simply amazing. The very delicate lace braid trims are later additions, likely dated to the 17th or 18th century, as is the salmon coloured silk taffeta lining. 

To pair with the wood of the Cross on the back of the chasuble, the front includes a simple trunk with cut branches, likewise done in very a three dimensional style and design. 

The chasuble is of Tyrolean manufacture and is located within the diocese of Trent. 

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