New Traveling Altar Cards by Gammarelli

Gammarelli's, nestled in the heart of historic Rome, is now offering a special edition of folding altar cards for the usus antiquior by Claritate.  These quality cards are illustrated with images from the Raphael Rooms (Stanze di Raffaello) in the Apostolic Palace (seen in the Vatican Museums).  The central artwork features the Disputation of the Holy Sacrament, painted between 1509-1510, located in the Stanza della Signatura which in those days was the papal library where the papal tribunal met.  

The cards are printed on high-quality paper and protected by an anti-reflection and waterproof film to ensure maximum legibility while protecting the cards from splashes and ordinary wear and tear.  It is available with or without collapsible metallic stands in order to be placed comfortably, even on freestanding altars.  

The set also comes with an attractive protective leather case for those on the go when travelling, which can be customized in either black or brown.  

Also available are the "Prayers After Low Mass" card is included in the set as well as the card with the "Vesting Prayers."  

Dimensions: Central card: 24" x 11.5", Lavabo and Last Gospel cards  7.4" x 11.5".  The leather case is 8.5" x 12.5" x 1".

To order the cards see HERE.  

For the extra cards with Leonine and Vesting Prayers sold individually see HERE.

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