Book Notice: Sant'Onofrio al Gianicolo by J.P. Sonnen

Readers are encouraged to get a copy of my new book, Sant'Onofrio al Gianicolo: Journeying to a Citadel of Faith.  During the COVID-19 epidemic I had some extra time on my hands so I decided to finally finish this project that had long been on my mind.  The book was published this summer by our good friends at Arouca Press.

Sant'Onofrio is my favorite church in Rome and I hope this little work will help others to get acquainted with it and treasure it as much as I do.  For years I felt there was a void with no proper book available in English on this forgotten little treasure, a rare gem lost in a city of churches.  

The structure of Sant'Onofrio church and most of its art are creations of the Italian Renaissance.   This includes surprise works by one of my most favorite architects and painters of that era, Baldassare Peruzzi.  The frescos attributed to him in the sanctuary apse of Sant'Onofrio are, in my humble opinion, uniquely spectacular.  

Both St. Philip Neri the great evangelizer of Rome and Torquato Tasso, the great celebrity poet of Rome, were born in opposite cities while Providence led them to Rome and to Sant'Onofrio at the same time, a place dear to both of their hearts no doubt for the same and different reasons.

I hope this little book will inspire, exhilarate, amuse and infuriate (those who disagree with me).  Sant'Onofiro has a brawling, colorful history that deserves to be known in an age of tourism when many millions of pilgrims arrive in Rome while totally overlooking this little diamond with a message.  So many memories I have visiting this hidden place with its enchanting cloister on a rainy day.  It has perdured through the centuries and is today in need of restoration and renewal.    

The book aims to extoll the glory of Catholic art and history while shedding light on the fascinating stories of the people whose paths have crossed at this unique citadel of faith overlooking the holy city.  

To all Catholics interested in your Faith, I encourage you to avail yourselves of this book, read it and journey to Rome in the footsteps of great saints who have gone before you to see this great place of prayer and heavenly beauty.  You are not alone.  

To purchase, you may either do so from Arouca Press, Amazon or see the e-news on Mailchimp.

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