A Newly Embroidered Conopaeum (Umbraculum) by Lawrence Caruana of Malta

Malta has frequently crossed our radar at LAJ and, indeed, it is one of the places in the Catholic world that most embodies a spirit of continuity, from its mitred canons to its frequent and continuing embrace of traditional craftsmanship. One such example comes in the form of an embroidered conopaeum destined for one of the basilicas of Malta -- for the conopaeum is one of the privileges accorded to basilicas -- done by the artist Lawrence Caruana.

The distinctive, alternating colours of red and yellow tie back to its origins as an explicitly papal symbol -- and indeed, the traditional usage saw it at one time in history being carried over the pope and, in more contemporary usage, the umbraculum was only opened when the pope was present. 

Returning however to our specific example, let's take a look at a few of the details of this new work:

Here, the work in progress:

It is not certain to me whether Lawrence Caruana has a business page, but you certainly can contact him on social media

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