In Memoriam: Architect Thomas Gordon Smith

There are a handful of names in the domain of contemporary architecture that have come to be well known for their classical and traditional approaches to ecclesiastical architecture. One of those names, regrettably for all of us, recently died and his name will no doubt be familiar: Thomas Gordon Smith. While Smith himself retired from the practice in 2015, the fact remains that his loss, not least of which the loss of his architectural insights, will sorely be missed.  One of his colleagues, Duncan Stroik (another well recognized name in this same regard) had these comments to offer:
One of my heroes died this morning. The man responsible for turning Notre Dame into a school devoted to Firmitas, Utilitas and Venustas. And for changing the culture of architecture in America. He was passionate about Greek furniture, Vitruvius, Classical architecture and Italian culture. He brought all of these interests to bear on his broad and influential practice, his writing, and most especially on his students and disciples. May we continue the great things he began and support his vision for the balance between practice and theory. Thomas Gordon Smith was a great mentor, supporter, and friend. He was a great example of the Renaissance architects that he loved, "Anticamente Moderna et Modernamente Antica"

Like many architects, Smith was not an exclusively ecclesiastical architect, but it is his ecclesiastical work that will be particularly relevant to our purposes here.  Two of his most well known projects in this regard are the FSSP Seminary in Lincoln, Nebraska and the Benedictine monastery of Clear Creek in Oklahoma -- the latter of which continues to be built.

Many of our readers may well be familiar with these places but may not have connected them to their "author." We are pleased to connect these dots for people in order that people might appreciate the work that is being accomplished, as well as to pay homage to the architect of these works, Thomas Gordon Smith. May he rest in peace.

Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary, Lincoln, Nebraska

Annunciation Monastery, Clear Creek, Oklahoma

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