Hand Illuminated Altar Cards by Pelican Printery House

Elizabeth Lemme of Pelican Printery House was recently commissioned by one of the new priests of the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter to create a customized set of hand-illuminated altar cards for him -- inclusive of a request to put the cards into an ordering of his choosing (yet another one of the many benefits found in avoiding catalogues and approaching liturgical artisans for liturgical art.)

Hand illuminated altar cards are one of the more readily available potentialities for liturgical art today so I am frequently surprised that it is something not more frequently seen. This would be partcularly beneficial for creating sets created for more solemn festal occasions or for more sombre occasions such as requiems or Lent -- but I digress.

The set in question includes the arms of the FSSP which is placed at the top centre of the central altar card:

One will note the decorative flora and fauna that frame each altar card.  The main altar card likewise includes a crucifixion scene:

Drop capitals feature on each of prayers as is both traditional and necessary to help identify the different prayers.

Turning our attention to the other two altar cards, we have a very good view of the Last Gospel card which, in addition to the decorative features noted above, also features a Nativity scene:

The Lavabo card, which is located on the right hand side of the altar, carries an image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Of course, what is always of particular interest is to see how liturgical art looks in actual liturgical practice and here is a view of these same altars card set upon the altar for the first Mass of the priest for whom they were for:

Finally, as we like to do when we can with the painted and sculptural liturgical arts, here are some views of these cards in the progress of being created by the artist.

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