A Sicilian Pontifical Set for Pentecost

As we are within the octave of Pentecost, we wanted to continue our tradition of sharing some Pentecost themed vestments around this time of the liturgical year and today we turn our attention to a set coming out of a Sicily. The set in question is made from red silk taffeta with silver embroidery (quite possibly machine-based embroidery) and is dated to the late 19th or early 20th century. (My mention of machine embroidery may throw some off given the dating of the chasuble but, indeed, machine embroidery already existed by this time in the form of the hand embroidery machine.)

The set is a pontifical set, coming with the usual parts and pieces, including additional copes and dalmatics. Here, first are the principal pieces:

Here now are the secondary pieces which, as usual, are characterized by a more sober design by comparison. We begin with the copes, of which there were seven in addition to the primary cope, making these useable for the pontifical attendants, or familiares, in the Solemn Pontifical Mass, or for Solemn Vespers.

In addition to the four principal dalmatics/tunicles seen above, there are also two simplified tunicles, making for six in total. 

In many regards this set is very sober in its design all things considered and in that regard it is representative of its time. 

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