Prelatial Dress of the Religious Orders: The Camaldolese

Continuing on with our considerations of the traditional prelatial dress of prelates belonging to religious orders, today we turn to the Camaldolese.  The Camaldolese (Ordo Camaldulensium) were founded by St. Romuald in Italy, founded upon his desire to renew the eremitical traditions of monasticism. The Camaldoese monks wear a white habit which includes a white mantle and, accordingly, the prelatial dress of the Camaldolese prelate follows the same pattern. 

Their casocck and fascia is white, as is their mantelleta, mozzetta and cappa.  Their biretta and zuchetto would fall within whatever their particular rank would be -- red for cardinals, etc. 

For reference, here is the habit of the Camoldolese monk:

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