Italian Wall Tapestries for Church Furnishing and Decoration

Photos: OC-Travel

Wall hangings can greatly enrich the interior decor of a church.  As I have traveled Europe in recent years I have seen some amazing new tapestries for sale, made almost exclusively by computers that automate time-honored pattering in places like Flanders and Milan.  Two cities where I have seen the greatest amount and highest quality of beautifully produced modern tapestries for sale are Bruges (in West Flanders, Belgium) and Florence (in Tuscany, Italy).  While Bruges is a city of medieval art and architecture, Florence is known for its Renaissance grandeur.  Both cities showcase a plentitude of tapestry art - much of it suitable for church decoration - on display in various boutique shops. 

Today the most beautiful tapestry works imaginable - made with truly complex patterns - can be purchased online with ease.  The tapestries in these photos were photographed at Holy Family (a church and school in St. Louis Park, MN where the wonderful pastor recently picked these out to decorate a new school addition).  They were made in Italy, woven and hand finished by Arazzo Srl, just outside Milan.  These tapestries are available in North America for purchase through Charlotte Home Furnishings Inc, importers and distributors of European tapestries and other decor.  They are works of genuine art: jacquard woven on a loom with a special control mechanism by skilled textile craftsmen - suitable wall art for either church and liturgy, home, work or school.  Tapestry products are easy to care for and maintain, they hang easily just about anywhere, can be (gently) routinely dusted, should be kept out of direct sunlight and are dry clean only.  Many thanks to the pastor, our good friend Fr. Joseph Johnson, who with great artistic vision has bequeathed these lasting works of art to the parish community.         

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