The Detwang Triptych by ALBL Oberammergau

The German woodcarving firm, ALBL Oberammergau, recently released an image of one of their most recent works, the Detwang triptych. The piece was inspired by the work of German woodcarver Tilman Riemanchneider (1460-1531),  a late gothic carver from Wurzburg who bridged the transitional period from the middle ages to the renaissance. 

Oberaammergau's version of this triptych is carved in Lindenwood and utilizes different stains and 24 carat gold leaf for the background of the work. 

If you would like to get a sense of the original triptych that was the inspiration for this work, it is located in the church of Ss. Peter and Paul in Detwang:

Here are a few closer views of the Oberammergau triptych. 

The central panel shows a typical crucifixion scene with Christ surrounded by Our Lady and St. John and other women disciples on the one side, and Roman soldiers and Pharisees on the other. 

The left panel of the triptych depicts Christ's agony in the garden:

The right panel concludes the story with the Resurrection of Christ. 

A really fine piece of work and the addition of the gold leaf and patterning really does something to further develop upon the existing beauty of the piece. 

I cannot recommend enough that more parishes and benefactors look into the potentiality of investing in traditionally woodcarved works of liturgical art. There is a particular quality to these works that simply cannot be replicated in plaster or resin. 

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