More Processional Banners

Regrettably, for many, when they hear tell of a church "banner" what they tend to think of are the very poor examples that became popular in modern era, particularly since the 1960's and 70's. This sort of banner tended toward primitivism in both form and materials and were generally devoid of much in the way of explicit imagery -- never mind qualitative imagery. But of course the banner has a much deeper history than this, and as a follow-up from our recent piece on funenary processional banners, I thought I would present a few more of a festal nature coming from the 18th-19th centuries.  
Made by Angelo Maneti, Milan, 1907

Milan, 1911
Milan, 1911
Made by G. Valori, Bergamo, 1902
Made by Felice Biella, Milan, 1900
19th century, Vercelli

18th century, Vigevano
18th century, Vercelli
18th century, Vercelli
18th century, Bergamo
18th century, Crema
18th century, Lodi

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