Prelatial Dress of the Religious Orders: The Dominicans

Previously in our series, Prelatial Dress of the Religious Orders, we have considered the Carmelites, Benedictines and Franciscans; today we turn our attention to the Dominicans, otherwise known as the Order of Preachers.

As with the other religious orders, the traditional prelatial dress of the Dominicans takes its queues from their habit.  Echoing the white habit of the Dominican Order, the Dominican prelate traditionally wears a white cassock with a white silk fascia and white stockings.

Echoing the mantle of the Dominican habit, the ferriaolo of the Dominican prelate is black with a white lining .

Similarly, the mozzetta of the Dominican prelate is black with white piping, buttons and buttonholes:

The Dominican mantelletta is black and lined in white:

The cappa magna of the Dominican prelate is black but with a cape of white ermine in the winter or white silk in the summer.

The Dominican cappa seen on the right; this is the version with the ermine hood

As you will no doubt also note from the photos above, the zucchetto and biretta of the Dominican prelate follow the usual purple and red colour scheme of prelates in the Roman church.

To complete our picture, I would also note that the buckles of the Dominican prelates shoes are always silver.

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