New Italian Vestment Maker: Sacra Domus Aurea

Recently I came across a vestment maker in Italy that I hadn't come across before: Sacra Domus Aurea.  From speaking to them, they are still in the process of establishing this business -- and in fact they do not appear to have a formal website yet; only their social media presence.  Still, that presence was enough to catch my interest when I saw some of the work that they are pursuing; work derived mainly from the 18th and 19th century Italian and French traditions to date.

I thought I would give LAJ readers a sample of a few of the works which caught my eye and the first such set is one that is influenced by the 19th century with its metallic gold brocade.

Always nice to see the ties on the shoulders of the dalmatic/tunicle
This next piece is a chasuble that is a bit more 18th century in its influences (with the exception of the red lining) what with its gentler, pastel tones and wandering pattern.

Here is red chasuble in the French tradition. (My one thought here is that these generally look best with something sort of symbolic ornament to fill in the axis of the cross.)

Finally, a couple of other odds and ends. This green stole with its trimmed gold border is particularly well done.

Yes, they do make the maniple, burse and chalice veil as well:

Certainly a maker worth keeping your eyes on, and no doubt one you might be able to work with to have vestments made to your own particular specifications and designs.

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