Eighteenth Century Vestments of Bishop Lorenzo Tartagni

The following chasuble comes from the first half of the 18th century and is from the Diocese of Frosinone - Veroli - Ferentino located in Lazio.  The chasuble is that of Bishop Lorenzo Tartagni (1666 - 1762) and bear his arms -- which are rather interesting in their own right, having three fish surmounted by three stars. The base material of the chasuble is violet watered silk while the embroidery is spun gold thread in the form of vines and flowers. While not shown, the chasuble is lined in blue.

The maniple from the set
The quality and clarity of the embroidery seen here is really quite appealing. If you wonder what I mean by 'clarity', I would show you two other vestments of this same bishop, which -- while beautiful in their own right -- are by no means as qualitative as this violet example:

For those interested in heraldry, here is a closer look at the bishop's arms:

Here too is funerary monument of the same bishop:

Photo Source: BeWeb

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