Before and After: The Positive Impact of Basic Ornamental Designs

Very often the 'before and after's' that we have shown here are renovations of entire churches. But an impactful 'before and after' needn't always be so grandiose.  Sometimes a positive impact can simply be found in some of the most basic of details. This might seem counterintuitive in some ways, but ornamental details are a critically important, but all too often neglected component, especially in modern times.

In modern times we tend to take very utilitarian and functionalist views of things. We need a window, we need to paint bare walls, we need rafters to support a roof and so on. Previous generations found ways to include ornamental details around and into these things which made the difference between a fully ornamented and integrated church and one which had the "bones" but somehow found itself lacking when it came to visual impact and interest.

Recently, Canning Liturgical Arts undertook a simple design scheme in a church which involved the creation of ornamental border designs around a church's windows and chair rails. While they were at it, they also added a bit of colour to the walls which, while still neutral in tone, were nonetheless warmer than the previous white walls and complimented the new border designs.

Do take a look at the effect that these simple additions made.



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