Newly Wood-Carved Statue of Bl. Idelfonso Cardinal Schuster, Benedictine, Liturgical Scholar, Archbishop of Milan.

Longtime readers of NLM and now LAJ will realize that one of my great 'heroes' liturgically speaking was the Benedictine and Ambrosian, Blessed Ildefonso Cardinal Schuster, OSB, Archbishop of the Ambrosian See of Milan.

Schuster is, of course, especially known to English speakers for his liturgical work, The Sacramentary; a multi-volume study of the liturgy of the Latin rite that is a core staple to anyone with any serious historical interest in that subject.

For all of these reasons, I was quite excited to see that Ferdinando Stuflesser 1875 had recently executed a commission of a wood carved statue of Bl. Cardinal Schuster.  Take a look.

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