An Early 20th Century Gothic Revival Set

Continuing on with our consideration of some of the more notable gothic revival vestment work out there, I wanted to turn readers attention to a set of early 20th century vestments which were restored under the auspices of the now defunct Cistercian Abbey of Our Lady of Springbank.

The set, which is thought to have been made sometime around the 1920's or 1930's, was made for St. Francis de Sales Seminary in Milwaukee -- which would explain the figure of St. Francis de Sales on the front of the chasuble.

This particular set was skillfully restored by Dr. John Lilley of Philadelphia. One of the monks of Springbank commented on the process accordingly:
"The embroidered panels, orphreys, and galloon of the original set were expertly relaid on an ivory and gold fabric closely matching the tone and pattern of the original with a new crimson lining. It was hard to believe that the set was 80 years old."
The vestments:

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