New Green Gothic Revival Chasuble from AltarWorthy

Today I wanted to share another chasuble coming out of AltarWorthy, a company based out of the United States. This particular chasuble is a gothic revival cut of course, utilizing a fairly standard orphrey pattern.

What struck me about this piece, however, was the green textile that was used. In the first instance there is a very nice pattern that seems to me perfectly proportioned to a vestment of this cut, visible on the one hand and yet not overly busy either. As well, there is a very nice texture to the fabric which gives it some added depth and interest -- a point which I think cannot be overstated; it was what first drew my attention to the piece.

All said, a very nice set and a good example, I think, of how standard gothic revival patterns can be lifted out of more conventional "catalogue" models to something with a bit more interest and uniqueness.

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